Take the first step in your parenting journey and book your Early Pregnancy Programme with Cambridge Parents Centre

Our class is tailored for your 12th - 24th week of pregnancy

Understand how your health and lifestyle can give baby the best start.
Have any questions answered and make early connections with other parents.

Early Pregnancy Programme

Session times to be confirmed

The Early Pregnancy Programme is specially tailored for couples
12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. This programme is the first step on
your parenting journey with Parents Centre!

This programme is currently offered as online session by Parents Centre Aotearoa
Please email admin@parentscentre.org.nz for more information.

Why attend an Early Pregnancy Programme?

  • Have those many questions answered
  • Understand how your health and lifestyle can give your baby the best start
  • Start considering your choices and options
  • Early connections with other parents
  • Early access to Parents Centre's membership benefits

What topics will be covered

  • Understanding your rights as a health consumer
  • Pregnancy screening tests and scans
  • Your developing baby
  • Baby's brain development
  • Healthy mum, healthy baby, healthy family
  • Dad's and partners
  • Relaxation
  • Maternity and paid parental leave
  • What to buy
  • What sort of parent do you want to become?

How are the classes run?

  • Led by Diploma qualified Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parent Educators
  • 3 weekly sessions in the evenings
  • Groups are small, interactive, engaging and fun
  • Classes regularly evaluated to ensure they meeting your needs